Bitcoin Plus - The new up and comer of cryptocurrency

February 21, 2017

  • Bitcoin Plus in 01/2016 was trading at $.08 USD and today  is over $3.40 USD.
  • Summary:Bitcoin Plus is relatively new but has proven to be amazingly secure. There is only one time to get in on the ground floor, and with Bitcoin Plus, the time is now.

    Bitcoin Plus – The new up and comer of cryptocurrency

    Bitcoin Plus is relatively new to cryptocurrency; however, it has been around long enough to show that it could be one of the new major players in the cryptocurrency market with the likes of Bitcoin. At the time of this writing, a Bitcoin was valued at $1,023 USD, and a Bitcoin Plus in 01/2016 was trading at $.08 USD and today  is over $3.40 USD. What is amazing is how fast the Bitcoin Plus has grown in value. Currently, there are around 90,000 coins in circulation. The code behind the coin is fully open source, and it utilizes a peer-to-peer managed registry. Inflation is fixed at 20% per year, with a maximum total number of coins set at 1 million.

    You’ve probably heard about Bitcoins and how they are somehow linked to the Silk Road and other clandestine activities. That may all be true but cryptocurrency is much more than that. Cryptocurrency is used no more often for clandestine activities than traditional cold hard cash. Over a hundred thousand venders currently accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. That bodes the following question.

    What are cryptocurrencies really?

    If you take away all the noise around cryptocurrencies and reduce the concept to a simple definition, you will find that a cryptocurrency is just limited entries in a database that no one can change without fulfilling specific conditions. This may seem like a very ordinary explanation, but believe it or not, this is exactly how you can define a currency.

    Take the money in your bank account: Is it anything more than entries in a database that can only be changed under specific conditions? You can even take physical coins and notes: Are they something else other than limited entries in a public physical database that can only be changed if you match the condition that you physically own the coins and notes? Money is all about having a verified entry in a database of accounts, balances, and transactions.

    Why Bitcoin Plus versus Bitcoin?

    Think of it this way. If you have a 401(k), you have many choices about how to invest your money. For example, you can have it slowly grow steady income by investing in utility companies. They have a steady stream of dividends and growth, but their stock value is not going to grow that much. So if you want to see rapid growth, you invest in what is called an emerging market. Emerging markets can see valuations grow 20 to 30 percent in a year. That is like the difference between a Bitcoin Plus and a Bitcoin. Bitcoin Plus is relatively new to the cryptocurrency market, and it has potential for huge growth.

    Bitcoin Plus makes a great  ground floor investment.

    If you are looking for an great investment, Bitcoin Plus is an ideal place to put your money. Yes, there is risk, but in 2008, a lot of people thought banks had their best interest at heart. They gave CDOs – “collateralized debt obligation” an AAA rating, and the CDOs themselves turned out to basically be garbage. A lot of people lost their retirement investing while participating in what they believed to be a solid form of investment. The banks made billions selling you worthless investments. That can’t happen with cryptocurrency because its value is not established by a central authority or manipulated at whim by a government’s political agenda. Yes, there is risk with investing in Bitcoin Plus, but there is risk in investing period. That is what investing is.

    Bitcoin Plus is relatively new but has proven to be amazingly secure. There is only one time to get in on the ground floor, and with Bitcoin Plus, the time is now.

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    Contact Person: B. M
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    City: Omaha
    State: Nebraska
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